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About Me


I was born in 1986, and grew up in mid of Germany in Kassel. Starting from 2006, I visited the university of Stuttgart, studying economics, and started working in the IT and Telco business afterwards. Since Sept 2020, I am living in Munich for one year, and am grateful to discover the great nature in and around the city.

In 2020 during the Corona pandemic, and the social limitations coming with it, I started reconnecting to an old passion of mine, that I developed during my early childhood - the connection with nature, and also the passion for wildlife and especially ornithology. So I started picking up gear and going out photographing.

There are many ways in which I see nature photography enriching my life since then: It certainly offers welcome relaxation from demanding business life. It opens my eyes for the beauty that lies within nature. I am starting to realize the fineness of light, especially during sunrise and sunset, how the light paints the environment in golden colours. How nature changes during the seasons, and how mystic even a muddy and foggy day can be. 

I am glad that with this web page, I can share with you the beauty and wonders of nature, in the way I am experiencing it.

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