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Nature Hot Spot: 
Kosterhavet National Park

Kosterhavets National Park is located at Sweden's lovely west coast. During our Sweden road trip in 2022, we stayed at Bofors Camping, which while a nice place, was a bit crowded with a lot of children playing at campsite. Especially during Summer time, the west cost and the national park are a crowded space, as many Swedes are spending their holiday here. Many of the campsites had been booked out, so you may want to book your stay in advance if possible. The islands of the national park can be reached via ferry from the town of Strömstad. We took the boat to the island of Sydkoster, and enjoyed a hiking roundtrip across the beautiful island. In one of the bays, we had an encounter with a common ring plover family, which was a lot of fun to photograph. There are special boat trips that take the visitor out to watch seals, which we had to skip for time reasons.

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