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Nature Hot Spot: 
Lake Grövelsjön

Lake Grövelsjön is located in the northern part of the Dalarna region. The lake is surrounded by hills, including the most southern fjäll of Sweden. Because we enjoyed the place so much, during our 2022 roadtrip we finally stayed for several nights in a cabin in Sjöstugan. This place is highly recommended, located directly in front of the lake. Visitors can also start hiking from here, to enter the southern part of the famous Kungsleden trail.

I was incredibly happy to discover a couple of golden plovers in the swamps western of the lake. They got pretty close to me, and I was quite pleased with the photos I was able to take. Reindeers can be observed in the mountains and are frequently crossing the roads. I spotted a snow grouse in the mountains east of the lake, but unfortunately, was not fast enough to take a photo. Many songbirds, among them whinchats, can be observed next to the river flowing into the lake.

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