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Balderschwang in Oberallgäu - lovely stay in bio friendly Hotel

We were lucky to spend the late October days in a bio friendly hotel in the village of Balderschwang, in the alpine area of Germany's most southern district, Oberallgäu.


We spent 5 nights in the bio-friendly mountain hotel Ifenblick. I can easily recommend this hotel. The rooms are very nice, modern and clean, I liked the food, my girlfriend was lucky to get dedicated vegan meals, though the vegan food has been quite heavy, in the sense of it was cooked in a lot of fat. That besides though, it is a great hotel, with kind staff, and with a great location.

Hiking trips

We did 3 hiking trips during our stay. The rest of the days, we were chilling, enjoying either the SPA area, or a nice book :)

  1. We took the tour from the hotel up to the peak of the Gelbhansekopf mountain. It was a rather light hike at 500m altitude, at 10.3km distance.

  2. The panoramic tour of Balderschwang also started from the hotel, with an altitude of 500m, and distance of 12km, offering a very nice view over the valley.

  3. Though the first 2 tours had been nice indeed, the third tour was really stunning. Actually, I think it was my favorite hiking tour I ever made. It covers a climb of 900m altitude, at distance of 16km. All pictures in the gallery have been taken on that tour. The tour is called "6 peaks tour at Riedberg Pass". The first peak you climb is the "Riedberger Horn", with an altitude of 1787m above sea level. It offers spectacular views. All around the 6 peaks, the landscape is really gorgeous, offering a nice mix of alpine areas, woodlands, marshlands, etc. Add to it a fantastic sunset, and you're set. I even got to see a black grouse right at the Riedberger Horn, but unfortunately did not have enough time to take a picture before it flew away. I actually almost ran into it, and we were both quite shocked to see each other, with the bird sitting away from me only few meters.

Overall, I definitely loved the Oberallgäu region, and I am sure and will be very happy to return to it one day!


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