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Berchtesgaden in one week

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

During the month of July 2020, we had the pleasure of spending 1 week in Berchtesgaden. Find out more about our destination and hiking routes in this travel article.


We were extremely lucky finding a very nice flat in the small village of Oberau. We had an apartment in a farm-like

estate, with few animals, a lovely host, and wonderful view on the Alps, including the famous Watzmann mountain.

Hiking trips

Our hiking trips were starting rather easy, with increasing skill and altitude levels.

  • Day 1: We climbed up the "Grünsteingipfel", which is the closest mountain to Berchtesgaden, with a climbing altitude of around 500m. It offered very nice views over Berchtesgaden, as well as the Königssee, which is the main lake around and one of major attractions.

  • Day 2: Our destination of the day was the cottage "Blaueishütte", a lovely cottage. Our hike started from the village of Ramsau, from where we climbed up an altitude of 1150m. This trip was really great and is highly recommended. There were ice fields further up from the cottage, a really nice experience during summer!

  • Day 3: We hike up to the "Watzmannhaus" this day, which is probably the main hiking route. The 1300m hike is really well worth it, definitely you may not miss it.

  • Day 4: This was a rather chilled day for us. We went to Berchtesgaden and took the boat across the lake Königssee to the chapel of St. Bartholomä. This is really a lovely site, and should not be missed on anyones photo album :)

  • Day 5: On Day #5, we drove to the Berchtesgaden nature reserve info center nearby the Lake Hintersee, and joined a guided tour to watch golden eagle. We were lucky to actually see one, though it was from quite far, unfortunately not allowing for a picture to be shared here.

  • Day 6: We went through the canyon "Wimbachklamm" to the cottage "Wimbachklammhütte". I guess this was my personal highlight. The canyon is lovely, and makes you feel like being in Canada, or anywhere else, but not in Germany. The title picture is actually from that Canyon.

  • Day 7: On our last day, we only had a short walk, before heading back home.

Overall, we spent a fantastic week in Berchtesgaden. I cannot recommend it enough. I was amazed to see the beauty of the nature of Germany, and experiencing the alps. There is hardly any reason to go to Canada or similar places, if you have the alps right nearby us.


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