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Welcome to my new pages !

I am glad to have launched my website with the beginning of the New Year 2021.

Even more of course, I am glad to welcome you as a visitor on my page!

I want to focus in my first blog post on the question "Why did I decide to launch this page?" There were a couple of reasons:

First of all, I think I wanted to present and share my pictures in a more sorted way than via Instagram, and also to offer the images in a higher resolution.

As I spent quite some time in nature, it is a lot of fun to me not only taking the pictures for myself, but also sharing them with others. I hope you find and see the beauty in nature in these pictures, in the same or at least similar way I experienced it when taking the pictures.

It is also fun to me to sort the pictures on the page, and building a kind of archive not only to my visitors, but also to myself actually.

The "Nature Hot Spots" section serves this purpose, sorting pictures by the place they have been captured, and hence providing a catalogue and inspiration of places to visit.

Finally, besides the aim of presenting and sharing my pictures, and sorting them by locations, I also want to share in my blog posts updates about my travel experiences and field trips, as well as major news in the photography industry, including some articles, reviews and thoughts about photography gear.

As I am using the Panasonic Lumix Micro-Four-Thirds MFT system, those articles will focus a lot on this setup, I guess.

Let's see how the page and my photography will evolve over 2021. I am glad you are visiting this page, and hope you will accompany me throughout this year, and beyond :)

Warm regards,



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